Innovation is Never Normal [Level 100]

Innovating is Never Normal 
In 2020, the phrase ‘never normal’ became common language. And like most periods of major upheaval, the first instinct of some leaders is to focus on survival. For businesses working with AI and ML, however, living this never normal is simply ‘business as usual’, where constant change offers abundant opportunities to innovate and thrive. Join Olivier Klein, AWS Lead Technologist as he presents the following customer stories.

Customer story #1: Bowery Farming – The future of food production
In the face of increasingly challenged global food supply chains, and the need to find more sustainable food production practices, Bowery Farming has turned to technology innovation to increase annual crop yields by a hundred times, using a fraction of the resources needed in traditional farming.
Speaker: Henry Sztul, Executive Vice President of Science and Technology, Bowery Farming

Customer story #2: Soul Machines – The digital humans enhancing customer experience
Soul Machines brings the ‘human touch’ to transform customer and brand experiences, where machines manage repetitive and simple tasks so that real humans can manage the complex ones. Using a patented ‘Digital Brain’ its digital people contextualize customer interactions, adapting in real time in a similar way to actual human beings.
Speaker: Greg Cross, Founder and CBO, Soul Machines

Customer story #3: Transfix – Freight logistics transformed in a digital marketplace
Leading tech start-up, Transfix, is hauling the $800 Billion US trucking industry into the 21st century to better match and connect shippers with carriers. Its AI and ML-based, digital freight marketplace ensures fairer pricing, increased trust and reliable service level agreements.
Lily Shen, President and Chief Operating Officer
Jonathan Salama, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Transfix

Customer story #4: University of Sydney – Protecting endangered species with AI and ML
Preserving species diversity is vital to the future health of the planet and Australia is at the forefront of this challenge, with endangered flora and fauna species numbering in the thousands. Dr Carolyn Hogg and the team at the Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group, University of Sydney, use data science to accelerate the sequencing of Genomic data to save time, maximize conservation dollars and save beloved animals like the Tasmanian Devil.
Speaker: Dr. Carolyn Hogg, Australasian Wildlife Genomics Group, University of Sydney

To conclude the session, join Pradeep K. Dubey, Intel Senior Fellow and Director of the Parallel Computing Lab, and Olivier Klein, AWS Lead Technologist, as they discuss the technology advances that have allowed AI to move from simple number crunching to making decisions. The ability of AI to help better predict future long tail, or Black Swan events such as COVID-19 is also explored.
Speaker: Pradeep K. Dubey, Intel Senior Fellow and Director of the Parallel Computing Lab
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