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AWS Cloud Operations

This eBook describes a simple, secure path to cloud migration-without trade-offs. Read to lead the business value of cloud migration with AWS and more.

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Understandably, organizations, especially enterprises, that are skeptical about cloud migration lack the assurance that having migrated, they will know how to operate in the cloud with security, visibility, control, and safety. AWS Cloud Operations enables enterprises to migrate and operate with confidence. No matter what stage you are at in your cloud journey, you can trust AWS to provide a secure and efficient foundation for cloud operations for your applications, workloads, and data centers.

With the growing amount and complexity of workloads, limited IT budgets, and an “on demand” marketplace, organizations are embracing cloud migration as inevitable and no longer if but when the concern being how quickly and securely they can move. In short, AWS gives you the model and tools for cloud success. With AWS Cloud Operations, you can transform your organization to support advanced IT processes, modernize and migrate applications, and run your business effectively in the cloud, on premises, and at the edge.