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AWS Startup Academy: Carta & AWS Equity 101

June 8, 2022

Equity ownership is one of the most powerful existing tools for wealth creation, and becoming an owner starts with education and inspiration. In this session, AWS Startups partner Carta will share Equity 101, their free curriculum aimed at creating more ownership. This session will cover startup equity and investing before diving into the big questions and lessons related to ownership, such as: What is equity?; what’s a cap table?; equity grants; vesting, cliffs, and strike prices; exercising, 83(b), PTEP; liquidity; how are equity grants taxed?; valuations; who can invest in startups?; and funds vs. SPVs. As part of Equity 101, you’ll also see inspirational videos featuring icons like Serena Williams and Tan France as they share what ownership has meant for their own growth and well-being. 


DeRonnie Pitts, Director, Corporate Coverage (Liquidity) at Carta
Jenny Wong, Business Development Manager

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