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AWS Startup Academy: This is Not That MVP Session

March 3, 2022

Speaker: Mike Apted, Principal Solutions Architect - Startups

You learned about MVPs at AWS Startup Day, you’ve googled prototype vs MVP, and perhaps an investor told you your MVP didn’t hit the mark. And, while we will cover how to build an MVP - this is not that MVP session.
This is an MVP workshop, designed by a former founder and now an AWS Startup Solutions Architect, that goes beyond the tools and focuses on how to get started fast and validate your assumptions with the least amount of work, and paying customers. We’ll dive into managed services, optionality, risk reduction, how to test for free with AWS credits, how to iterate based on user behavior, and we’ll review good (and not so good) MVP examples.
Come with your questions, leave with answers, and the technologies and pre-configured architectures that are the most beneficial so you’ll be able to build an investor-worthy MVP and scale when the time is right.

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