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CDO Agenda 2024: Navigating Data and Generative AI Frontiers

Explore the key priorities, challenges and strategies for success for Chief Data Officers.

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Collecting data, transforming it, and putting it to use is essential to remain competitive today. Virtually every organization is actively pursuing the goal of becoming more data-centric. With the popularity of generative AI, the power and potential of organizational data is bigger than ever before.

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are appointed to lead an organization towards data-driven success. In this second annual global CDO research, we partnered with industry thought leaders Tom H. Davenport, Randy Bean, Rich Wang and the largest CDO community MIT CDOIQ to understand how this role is evolving, what are the key priorities and roadblocks for CDOs, and how they tackling generative AI.  

In this report, you will find:

  • How CDOs are tackling generative AI
  • Key priorities for the CDOs
  • The biggest roadblocks to success
  • How successful CDOs are creating value