Unleash the full value of your startup’s data

Leading startups achieve data-driven success on AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables startups across a wide range of industries to make better, faster decisions with data. In the eBook Confessions of a Startup Data Scientist, learn the secrets of unlocking the value of your data to accelerate innovation and grow your startup.

Read the eBook to discover how:

  • A data science startup enables its customers to create machine learning (ML) models in seconds or minutes, not days or weeks
  • A retail startup accelerates data loading times from one minute to half a second
  • A fintech startup gains the ability to send an average of 11–12 million highly targeted messages a month to its customers
  • A healthcare startup transforms the 150-year-old standards of cancer research and diagnosis

Learn how AWS for data can drive results for your startup by reading the eBook today.

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The ultimate guide to developing end to end data strategy
The ultimate guide to developing end to end data strategy

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