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Choosing the Right Tool for the Job: Purpose-Built Databases from AWS

This sponsored IDC White Paper breaks down the features and use cases for each AWS database service making it easy to choose the best fit for the application workload.

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Choosing the Right Tool for the Job: Purpose-built Databases from AWS [IDC White Paper]

AWS provides a broad set of database services spanning 15 database engines to provide customers with choice. Choose the right database for the application, not the other way around. With purpose-built, fully managed database services that span relational and non-relational, you can build on whatever is the right tool for the job without the overhead of installing and maintaining each database.

This AWS sponsored IDC report provides a detailed overview of AWS relational database services like Amazon Aurora with full MySQL and PostgreSQL compatibility to non-relational, serverless Amazon DynamoDB with dynamic scaling capabilities.

Learning Objectives:

• See why workloads work better when associated with the right database for the job
• Discover the database models and typical workloads for each AWS database service
• Learn how each database service works, including non-relational graph, document and in-memory databases