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Solving business challenges in gaming and media & entertainment experiences with AWS

Delight worldwide audiences with high-fidelity media and games. Easily collaborate and create immersive entertainment to meet customer demands, and increase your market competitiveness.

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Gaming and media and entertainment (M&E) customers face industrywide transformation, with companies reinventing how they create content, optimize IT operations, and compete for audience attention across diverse platforms. Digital entertainment experiences of all kinds are deepening in complexity, needing to be accessible anywhere and run with seamless playback and responsiveness.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) already understands these blockers for the markets of video gaming, real-money gaming, and M&E well, as many heavily utilize the cloud already. AWS is helping companies break down these barriers so they can carry on delighting audiences with exciting new products, shorten time to market, make IT operations more seamless for creators, and still adhere to any regulations around where data is kept.