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Securing your AWS Cloud Environment from Ransomware

Security at AWS starts with our core infrastructure, which is custom-built for the cloud and designed to meet the most stringent security and regulatory requirements in the world.

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Ransomware attacks are costing governments, nonprofits, and businesses billions of dollars, and interrupting operations. Attacks like NotPetya forced shipping giant Maersk to reinstall 4,000 servers and 45,000 PCs for $300M due to “serious business interruption.” The ransomware attack on the City of Baltimore cost over $18M, and local governments from Riviera Beach and Lake City, Florida will pay hackers $1M combined to hopefully get its systems and data back.

Even though it is difficult to estimate the frequency of ransomware attacks due to an unknown number of unreported incidents and thwarted attacks, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) anticipates the threat to become “more targeted, sophisticated, and costly” in the foreseeable future. These warnings reach beyond U.S. borders, with Europol also calling ransomware the “most widespread and financially damaging form of cyberattack.”

In this eBook you will learn about:

  • Ransomware is and it's effects
  • Network hardening and prevention steps to take before ransomware strikes
  • Early detection and automated responses to implement during an incident
  • The root cause of ransomware and lessons learned from attacks
  • AWS as a purpose-built security solution