AWS Web3 Ready: The Future and Beyond Leveraging Web3 for your Startup

September 7, 2022

If you’re wondering: Why use Web3 for my startup? and What does Web3 mean for the future? then this session is for you.

Join VCs and investors in blockchain technology as they explore the reasons you would choose to launch a Web3 startup and how you would apply Web3 technologies to an already existing startup. Panelists will share the insights they’ve gained from working with crypto, NFTs, and Metaverse startups; identify key players in early Web3 startups and the problems they’re solving for; and outline mistakes to avoid when exploring Web3 technologies for the first time. Whether you’re already using Web3 technology or just beginning to consider it, this session will answer your burning questions—as well as the ones you hadn’t yet thought to ask.

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AWS Web3 Ready Full Event
AWS Web3 Ready Full Event

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AWS Web3 Ready: Breaking Through Blockchain for Your Startup

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