Now is the Time: Reduce Cost and Gain Business Value by Moving to AWS Storage

July 28, 2021

Enterprises expect an average of 30–40% data growth annually, pressuring the limits of on-premises infrastructure. They want to increase their agility to take advantage of this data and deliver new capabilities to their businesses, while reducing the escalating costs they’re incurring on-premises. As cloud adoption matures, organizations are rapidly expanding their use in terms of the diversity of applications and use cases, increasingly deploying their existing enterprise workloads on cloud. In this tech talk, you’ll learn what trends are being seen across organizations like yours as they move to cloud, factors that drive choices of what services to adopt, and cost reduction and agility benefits they realize over time after their adoption of AWS Storage services.

Learn why organizations are accelerating their move to the cloud. Learn about the business value organizations have realized over time as a result of moving workloads to AWS Storage, based on independent research. Learn about the cost benefits of moving to cloud storage, and how to optimize costs with AWS.

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IDC - The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Storage
IDC - The Business Value of Amazon Web Services Storage

An IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Amazon Web Services.