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Reinvent your business with data on the most scalable, trusted, and secure cloud

Access to data and the ability to use it will continue to lead to more breakthroughs in healthcare; smarter buildings, homes, and cities; personalized consumer experiences; incredibly efficient manufacturing operations; and a more connected society. But harnessing data to its full potential requires more than having just one data store or one data lake—it’s about having a complete, end-to-end data platform to store and access, analyze and visualize, and predict. You need databases to store and process the data that powers your applications. To unite all the data generated from applications as well as data stored in different places, such as on the edge, you’ll want a data lake. To extract insights from the data, you’ll need analytics and visualization tools. And to go beyond insights to predictions, you’ll need ML and AI to build models and add intelligence to your applications. Finally, to enable this type of work, you need to make sure that you have the right security and governance in place so that you can put data in the hands of people at all levels of your organization. In this session, learn how AWS solutions can help along the data lifecycle, and hear customer stories of our top use cases.