Get more performance for your applications at lower costs with AWS

Today’s businesses are building and running an increasingly wider variety of applications to improve customer experience, drive operational excellence, and outpace their competition. IT teams are delivering as best they can, but the relentless need for higher performance is stretching budgets and resources to the limit. And the expectations for how far a fixed or limited spend should go are starting to outpace reality.

The mandate is clear: Do more with limited budgets. Thankfully, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many ways you can achieve just that.

This eBook takes a deeper look at the AWS services portfolio, which is the broadest and deepest of any cloud provider, and demonstrates how it enables your organization to run virtually any application in the cloud with the best price performance. We’ll take a look at some relevant examples from our customers and also outline specific solutions for the most common applications.

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Global-scale solutions
Global-scale solutions

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