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Confessions of Women Founders & CEOs

The path to success for every startup is paved with hard work, perseverance, and vision. For woman founders, these stories are even more powerful, often due to the big sacrifices we have to make. Startup founders and CEOs will share their stories, from their first 100 days to the path forward as a funded, growing startup. These founders will open up on how they embraced their roles as woman founders, and will tell their stories of facing and overcoming adversity. We’ll also discuss the loneliness and seclusion that can accompany women when starting up, especially for solo-founders. And, we’ll explore the tough decisions women often face when it comes to dating, starting a family, and whether to attend the annual girl’s trip, while also prioritizing professional success. These stories are an inspiration for every woman fighting to bring her company vision to life, while maintaining her identity outside of the brand she's building.