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Democratizing mental health screening with Aiberry and Amazon SageMaker

Depression is a widespread, persistent, and burdensome illness. Due to limited access to screening, it frequently goes undiagnosed. Artificial intelligence models that analyze spoken responses to a brief guided conversation with a virtual assistant may provide an effective, efficient alternative to traditional screening methods.

Aiberry is an innovative mental health assessment platform utilizing predictive AI to examine user text, audio, and video during a brief conversation. It instantly delivers a quantified risk score and symptom insights.

This session will demonstrate how Aiberry leverages Amazon SageMaker and other key services to make reliable mental health evaluations widely accessible. We will discuss the technology behind parsing audio cues with natural language processing, training machine learning algorithms on clinical data, and deploying scalable inferences. Attendees will gain insight into how AI is transforming mental healthcare through examples of real-world impact.