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Integrate data faster and easier with a zero-ETL future

The most impactful data-driven insights come from getting a full picture of your business and customers. This can only be achieved when you connect the dots between your different data sources. With data spread across multiple departments, services, databases, and third-party applications, you need to be able to easily connect to data across silos to get the best insights.

Typically, connecting data across different data silos requires complex extract, transform, and load (ETL) pipelines, which can take hours, if not days. That’s just not fast enough to keep up with the speed of decision making.

Come learn how AWS is investing in a zero-ETL future so you can quickly and easily connect to and act on all your data. With AWS, you can connect to all your data across ingestion, analytics, machine learning, and business intelligence as well as third party data. With direct integrations between AWS services, we are eliminating ETL for common use cases so teams can move faster.