Check out the on-demand content from our recent virtual events. In these presentations, you will hear leaders from companies of all shapes and sizes share stories of how their teams experimented and took risks to tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that their organizations have encountered.

  • Customer Spotlight: Amazon Prime40:48

    Customer Spotlight: Amazon Prime

    A hallmark of Amazon’s innovation approach is to always start with the customer and work backward.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Alexion26:52

    Customer Spotlight: Alexion

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  • Customer Spotlight: BlackBerry37:42

    Customer Spotlight: BlackBerry

    Learn how to innovate, disrupt, and scale an AI-Security business and technology on AWS.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Eightfold34:01

    Customer Spotlight: Eightfold

    Resumes and job descriptions are 500-year-old technologies. Why are we hiring for the future of our organizations with tools of the past?

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  • Customer Spotlight: Melio28:05

    Customer Spotlight: Melio

    Melio is on a mission to keep small businesses in business by providing a smart B2B payment solution tailor-made for their needs.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Delphi Financial Group, Inc.41:08

    Customer Spotlight: Delphi Financial Group, Inc.

    Delphi began their AWS cloud journey with Eplexity by running a CloudChomp total cost of ownership analysis just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

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  • Customer Spotlight: GE Healthcare42:44

    Customer Spotlight: GE Healthcare

    To enable GE Healthcare’s vision of creating a healthier world with more precise and efficient care, they took the bold step of deploying a net-new cloud native data lake on AWS.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Mantle Labs29:22

    Customer Spotlight: Mantle Labs

    Mantle Labs’ breakthrough cloud-removal algorithm gives clients an unhindered view of vegetation, allowing for continuous farm-related risk monitoring and management.

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  • Customer Spotlight: LogiSense42:17

    Customer Spotlight: LogiSense

    Recurring revenue, subscription growth and usage-based monetization are the vectors for growth and value in today’s markets.

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  • Customer Spotlight: Sumo Logic46:05

    Customer Spotlight: Sumo Logic

    Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, highlighted in his re:Invent 2020 keynote the importance of observability to deliver application reliability.

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