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Customer Spotlight: Sumo Logic

Werner Vogels, AWS CTO, highlighted in his re:Invent 2020 keynote the importance of observability to deliver application reliability. Sumo Logic built the Continuous Intelligence platform for observability that companies need to deliver great customer experiences, and they built the cloud-native service exclusively on AWS because of the scalability, agility, and economic model AWS offers.

Speaker: Christian Beedgen, CTO and Founder, Sumo Logic

As a co-founder and CTO of Sumo Logic, Christian Beedgen brings 18 years of experience in creating industry-leading enterprise software products. Since 2010 he has been focused on building Sumo Logic’s multi-tenant, cloud-native machine data analytics platform which is widely used today by more than 2,000 customers and 50,000 users. Prior to Sumo Logic, Christian was an early engineer, engineering director and chief architect at ArcSight, contributing to ArcSight’s SIEM and log management solutions.