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Build feature-rich applications with AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync

Real-time digital experiences are ubiquitous, and consumers have come to expect them. Sports scores and financial portfolio updates, interactive learning, location tracking, and chat capabilities are just a few examples.

AWS Amplify makes it easy to build full-stack applications in hours with minimal cloud expertise. Customers leverage AWS AppSync to build serverless GraphQL APIs because it gives developers the ability to access data from multiple backend services in a single endpoint with fewer network calls.

Come learn about exciting new features such as Merged APIs that make it even easier for developers to create distinct digital experiences for their customers.

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How thinking asynchronously can lead to speedier apps
How thinking asynchronously can lead to speedier apps

Learn how to use asynchronous services to develop serverless applications on AWS that react faster for users.

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From press release to production
From press release to production

Hear customer success stories that illustrate how to accelerate innovative application development.